Vampire Lords: Night token set


Vampire Lords: Night set contains 5 tokens:

Front side/Back Side

  • Morbheg’s Claw Not in use./+2 Cast (12”) can’t Move, Shoot, Charge or Fight
  • Unholy Impertus Turn on: Slay model combat./Active: +1 Attack LEGION OF NIGHT (12”)
  • Curse Blade YHP: 5+ target 1MW & bearer heals 1.
  • Curse Blade Target.
  • Vial of Pure Blood +1 to Hit and Wound in melee.
  • Gem of Exsanguination OPB:EU 6″ D6: 2-5 =D3 MW, 6 =D6 MW.
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Tokens are laser cut out of 3mm acrylic, text colour can very due to engraving process. Tokens are 46mm by 25mm.

Weight .06 kg