Vampire Lords: Monster token set


Vampire Lords: Monster set contains 9x tokens:

Front side/Back side

    • 4x Unstoppable Nightmares Fight at top row of damage table./Used
    • Ghorvar’s Collar OPB: Reroll wound rolls of 1./ ACTIVE: Reroll wound rolls of 1.
    • Urges of Atocity OPB: can run and charge./ACTIVE: can run and charge.
    • An Eye for an Eye: To activate: take any damage./ACTIVE: +1 Damage.
    • Breath of the Void Maw OPB: EU 6”3+ deal 1MW.
    • The Furious Crown OPB: EU roll D6 = to charge roll, each 5+ 1MW
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Tokens are laser cut out of 3mm acrylic, text colour can very due to engraving process. Tokens are 46mm by 25mm.

Weight .06 kg