Vampire Lords: Absorption token set


Vampire Lords: Absorption set contains 3x tokens 15 mini tokens:

Front side/Back side

  • Sword of the Red Seneschals To activate: Slay enemy model in combat./ACTIVE: +1 to wound (12″).
  • Grave-sand Shard OPB: +1 Deathless Minions (12″)./ACTIVE: +1 Deathless Minions (12″).
  • The Red Casket OPB: +3 to charge rolls.
  • 5x mini tokens:+1 Dam Bloodied Strength.
  • 5x mini tokens: +1 WC Stolen Vitality.
  • 5x mini tokens: +2 R&C Absorbed Speed.
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Tokens are laser cut out of 3mm acrylic, text colour can very due to engraving process. Tokens are 46mm by 25mm, mini tokens are 21mm by 22mm.

Weight .07 kg