Skyship Dwarves Set


AmberwhiskySpace Lizards Set Includes 36 tokens 12 mini tokens:

Front side/Back side


  • 12x mini: Aether-Gold OPB: Triumph/ -1 Bravery


  • 2x Aether Storm Halve Move.
  • 4x +1 to Hit
  • 2x Aetheric Augmertation Re-Roll Wounds of 1.

Command traits & Artefacts

  • Honour the Gods, Just in case OPB: 6s to hit = 2 hits.
  • Spell in the Bottle OPB: Cast Endless spell.
  • Phosphorite Bomblets OPB: SP EU 6”, 1D6 keep rolling until you roll a 1, each 2+ 1MW.
  • There’s No Reward without Risk OPB: Re-Roll Charge.
  • There’s No Trading With Some People There’s No Trading With
  • Flask of Vintage Amberwhisky OPB: Heal D6 or 2.
  • Always a breeeze if you look for it OPB: Free Move
  • 2x Magnificent Omniscope +2 Move
  • Hegsson Solutions ‘Old Reliable’ Hullplates +2 Wounds
  • 2x Malefic Skymines OPB: Start of combat Fly EU 6″. 2/3 D3MW 4+D6MW
  • Grudgebearer Deals Double damage to target.
  • Grudgebearer Target
  • Voidstone Orb OPB: Auto Dispell.
  • Svaregg-Stein ‘Illuminator’ Flarepistol Re-roll all hits.
  • On my mark fire This Skyvessel, Re-reoll 1s to hit.
  • 3x Chronicle of Grudges BARAK-THRYNG: Re-roll 1s to hit.
  • Emergency Ventplates OPB:-1 to hit units (6″)
  • Caustic Anatomiser OPB: Start of combat 1d6 each enemy model 6″ 5+ deal 1MW.
  • Proclamator Mask-hailer OPBR: Free use of Warscroll command ablity./Used Regain next Battle round.
  • Repell boarders +1 to hit for Skyvessel and garrison.
  • Zonbarcorp ‘Debtsettler’ Spar Torpedo OPB: After first charge EU 1″ 2+ does D6.
  • Tough as old Boots +2 Move
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Tokens are laser cut out of 3mm acrylic, text colour can very due to engraving process. Tokens are 46mm by 25mm.

Weight .2 kg