Ghosts! Token Set


Ghosts! Token Set Includes 40 Tokens:

Front side/Back side


  • Soul Cage CV 7 Rng V 12″ Strikes-Last EoT.
  • Seal of Shyish CV 5 Rng V (12) 5+ Ward YNHP.
  • Grief-stricken CV 7 Rng V 18″ -1 to Hit, +1 to hit Melee UYHP.


  • Curse of Loyalty OBR: Free issue of same CA as General. / Used flip EoBR.
  • Spectral Overseer OBR Free issue Redeploy or Unleash Hell. / Used flip EoBR.
  • Lord of Gheists OBR Free issue All-Out Attack. / Used flip EoBR.
  • No Rest For the Wicked OPB: SYHP return D6 slain Mod to SUMMONABLE units.
  • Staring Death in the Face SCP UEoP -1 to Wound.
  • Sentenced Eternal Torment SYHP D6 < BR, 2D6 MW.
  • 2x Phantasmal Advance Can’t charge, EoT.
  • 3x Charged! See unit warscroll.

Command traits & Artefacts

  • Discorporate UEoP 5+ Ward.
  • 6x 4-7 Shriek -1 to Hit.
  • 4x 8-9 Stun -1 to Saves.
  • 4x 10+ Petrify Strike-last.
  • Ruler of the Spirit Hosts OPB: SMP D6 4+ revive Des unit 1/2 Str. (12) 3″ from EU.
  • Midnight Tome OPB: Summon Endless spell Auto roll 12 cannot be unbound.
  • Lightshard Harvest Moon OPB: SCP FUs (12) +1 Attack.
  • Beacon of Nagashizzar OBP: YHP Return 1 Slain modle to each SUMMONABLE unit.
  • Soulfire Ring To activate: Slay Enemy Model / EoC: Heal D6 wounds flip.
  • Wychlight Lantern OPB: cast 1 extra spell not known from Lore of the Underworlds.
  • 4x The Emerald Curse EoBR 2+ D3 MW, if Mon D3+1 MW.
  • Death Magic Incarnate UEoP +1 Ward.
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Tokens are laser cut out of 3mm acrylic, text colour can very due to engraving process. Tokens are approximately 46mm by 25mm.


Weight .2 kg