GHB June 2022 Update Pack


This pack comes all the tokens you need to update your Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition Tracker to the GHB June 2022. Each Pack comes with two of the following list with your choice of colour for each set.

Grand Strategies:

  • Demonstration of Strength
  • Gaze of Ghur*
  • Show of Dominance
  • Take What’s Theirs
  • No Place for the Weak

Battle Tactics:

  • This One’s Mine
  • Outmuscle
  • Head to Head
  • Barge Tho E Lines
  • Gaining Momentum
  • Desecrate their Lands*
  • An Eye for an Eye
  • Against the Odds

Bonus tokens:

  • Overwhelming Assault*
  • Roar!*
  • Titanic Duel*
  • Smash to Rubble

*Spelling fixed from photos

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This update pack is for Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition Tracker. Replacing both the core rule books and old GHBs battle packs tokens with tokens from the GHB June 2022s battle pack.

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